Friday, April 29, 2005

At least look at me when you shoot a bullet through my head

This is the kind of music V likes to listen to :-(


Walking around I hear the sounds of the earth seeking relief
I'm trying to find a reason to live
But the mindless clutter my path
Oh these thorns in my side
(Oh, these thorns in my side)
I know I have something
I have something so alive

I think they shoot cause they want it *3x

I feel forces all around me
Come on raise your head
Those who hide behind the shadows
Live with all that's dead

Look at me
Look at me
Look at me
At least look at me when you shoot a bullet through my head
Through my head
Through my head

In my lifetime when I'm disgraced
Jealousy and lies
I laugh aloud cause my life
Has gotten inside someone else's mind

Look at me
Look at me
Look at me
At least look at me when you shoot a bullet through my head
Through my head
Through my head
Through my head

Hey all I want is what's real
Something I touch and can feel
I'll hold it close and never let it go
Said why, why do we live this life
With all this hate inside
I'll give it away cause I don't want it no more
Please help me find a place
Somewhere far away
Yes I'll go and you'll never see me again

Look at me
Look at me
Look at me
At least look at me when you shoot a bullet through my head
Through my head
Through my head
Through my head *2x

Look at me
Look at me

Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Last Friday, on my way back home, the weather was glum but it was not raining. Only the prospect of the next two days being off kept my sinking spirits floating. I was driving at a fairly good pace and trying not to speed too much as the highway was getting quite windy.

About 12 miles from Columbus, I saw one of the most beautiful scenes. Up ahead, the sky was dark and cloudy...with the clouds in various shades of gray. On the other hand, the road, the trees and bushes nearby were bright and colourful as if freshly washed (which it was actually! :-)). The bright green color of the grass, the gleaming yellow and white lines on the road and the shining red tail lights of the cars in front of me threw a stark contrast to the dark sky above. On my rear-view mirror I could see the sky behind me was bright and almost sunny. It was as if I was driving towards the storm. As I was admiring the scenary and wishing I could stop and take a picture, it started raining and all of a sudden the mild rainfall turned into a lashing storm. A strong gush of wind blew my car sideways, almost halfway to the shoulder. Oh man! Was I scared!! I slowed down and moved to the slow lane and drove with my parking lights blinking. It was almost impossible to see through the heavy rain and all I could see was the blinking lights of the car in front. We all drove at the dead pace of 10mph. The rain turned into a hail-storm and for the first time since I moved from Sikkim, I could see hail. I quickly closed my moon-roof thinking that even if it breaks the glass above, I wont be hurt. To top it all, my fuel indicator started blinking! Luckily the next exit was close by and I went to a gas station. As suddenly as it had started, the storm started to reduce and it became bright again as continued towards Columbus. All this time I was on the phone with V. The confirmed my belief the cell phones are one of the greatest and most useful inventions ever!

By the time I reached Columbus, the weather was calm again. Later, we went to an Ice-skating show organised by the same school that I had gone for my skating class. On our way to the show, we even had a glimpse of a rainbow. Most of the participants were girls and the teeny tiny ones looked so adorable in their dresses. This was my first ever 'live' skating performance that I had ever seen, so I enjoyed it as much as I would have enjoyed watching the Winter Olympics.

Saturday too, the weather was much so that we had to put the heater on! V had office work to do, so the entire day I was at home. My day passed by enjoying a nice long chat with Mr Tomatoes on yahoo messenger. In the eve we went to the birthday girl's home to celebrate with close friends. Poor girl was not feeling well and had fever. We stayed at their place till late night chatting and planning for the party the next weekend.

Sunday too passed by at home. Saw half of My Brother Nikhil. Its a nice movie and I got to watch the rest of it soon. Went to Applebee's for dinner with frens and had Fiesta Lime Chicken. There was this lady sitting near our table and she was yack-yacking away in a highly loud and irritating voice. No amount of staring, commenting or clattering detered her spirits. We had half the mind to go and tell her something, but then our good manners stopped us :-) By the end of it, our ears went quite sore. But we did enjoy the dinner with each of us coming up with innovative ideas on how to shut her up :-)

Friday, April 22, 2005

Movie woes

Few more added to my 'awesomely bad movies I have ever seen' list

Ab Bas - extremely dreary copy of J Lo's Enough. Skipped and fast forwarded most of the movie.

Bride and Prejudice - Found this too to be pretty boring. I guess the quality of the
video made it worse. The songs are terrible. I mean didnt Gurinder realise english songs in hindi tunes simply dont gel?

Fun2sh - Got it just coz I spent $20.00 plus in an Indian grocery
store, which entitled me to a free rental video. Had a choice between Boom and this. Had got a pathetic review on Boom, so chose Fun2sh knowing quite well what I am getting myself into. Saw it just to pass time till 12 yesterday and then go wish my frens on their marriage anniversary. No need to tell more about this!

Weekend Blues

The weather is bad this weekend. Forecast of thunderstorms and temperature dropping to 32-40 deg F !!

We had intially planned to go for a show in Chicago today - live performances by Adnan Sami, Amisha Patel, Raghav and Sunidhi Chauhan. But the price for the tickets, we thought, were to steep to be spent on them. Plus frens interested for the show wanted to stay back at Chicago the entire weekend, but me and V were not, due to the weather. Finally no one showed much interest, so had to let it pass.

Today is a fren's marriage anniversary. Woke them up yesternight at 12 o'clock with cake. Sigh...had a slice of Strawberry Single Layer Cream cake minus the cream topping. See, I am being a good girl.

Tomorrow is the same friends daughter's first birthday. She is the cutest baby of all.. and mine and V's favourite. I am also her favorite (aunty??!). She always welcomes me by jumping up and down and wanting me to hold her. She doesnt give the same treatment to anyone else except her parent *proud smile*. God bless her, she is an angel. Her parents wanted to have her birthday bash tomorrow itself, but came to know the Annual Louisville Air Show/Fire Show is on the same day. That would mean every one would go there instead of the party. So, had to postpone it till next Saturday.
Me and V do not want to go for the air show coz I have already seen it last year and V has seen it for the last 2 years. Plus the weather is a major put-off.

Now we are yet again stranded within Columbus with nothing to do. V had kinda sworn not to stay back in Columbus this weekend... but now it seems thats inevitable. I want to move my stuffs from Indy this weekend itself...coz next weekend is the birthday party (I'll be busy) and the weekend after we might go to Minneapolis. But my frens have not yet gotten over the last time they helped me move. Every one is backing off and I dont have the heart to force them! :P

I guess this time it'll be the same old story of movies and food (food?! *shudder*)

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Wat have I been up to?

Sunday passed away lazing around. The day was quite hot for us to do anything. We were planning to see Million Dollar Baby but didn't feel like moving, out of sheer exhaustion from heat. Finally in the evening we went to a park Ceraland. Spent some time there and clicked more pictures :-)

Later that night I saw the movie 'Fight Club'. Hadn't seen it before thinking its too much of a guy movie dealing with fighting and all. But as I watched it, I realized its about more than fighting. Enjoyed the movie thoroughly. Though by the end of it I had guessed that the guy suffers from MPD.

That's how my weekend went. Yesterday me and V went about house-hunting. I am moving back to Columbus. Even gave the notice to my appt people. Haven't had any luck yet. In the evening went to the gym to burn all (?) the calories I had added over the weekend. After that went to a frens place for pizza party! Yeah, yeah...i know what you are thinking :-) But I couldn't resist paneer pizza, it was so yummy. I am planning to burn it off today :-). Also saw 'Spiderman 2'. Found it okay....I guess I like the first part better.

The next day we all woke up late. We then went back to Broad Ripple Avenue which also has this great local restaurants. We had our lunch at a Greek restaurant. Ate a variety of 'pilaf'. I also tasted Caviar for the very first time. Sadly, didn't find it as great as I had expected.

We then returned back to Columbus. Saw 'Sahara' in the night. What an overly done movie! Reminded me of 'Gadar' where Sunny Deol managed to wreck the entire Pak army single handed. Similarly, here too the hero and his sidekick manage to do similar stunts. The story is entirely driven by the 'good-luck' of these guys. They always seem to do something accidentally and they uncover some or the other twist in the story. Oh! Gimme a break! However, my money didn't go completely waste coz Matthew McConaughey looked HOT. Guys might find Penelope the same.

After the movie we went to Steak & Shakes for late dinner which is in fact their 'breakfast' menu. We got to see these bunch of teenagers dressed up as punks, rock stars and horror characters. Must have come from some fancy dress party or something. Some of them had done some amazing make-up and hairdos.

I told my frens to come over to my apartment rather than me going to Columbus. I had to wait for like 2hrs before they showed up. Spent the time doing my manicure, pedicure and plucking my eyebrows. We decided to go to Indy Downtown. Indy downtown is pretty small compared to other city downtowns. There's a Civil War memorial around which is a circular pathway surrounded by trees decorated with lights. Its called the Circle and close by is the Circle Center Mall. We roamed around the mall as 2 of my frens were there for the 1st time. We then had our dinner at P.F. Chang's. Now whoever is a Chinese food fan must eat at PF Chang's. The food is superb. We chose the best. 'Chicken in Lettuce Wrap' as appetizer, Sichuan from the Sea, Singapore Street Noodles and Chicken Fried Rice. And they also make the best 'Cosmopolitan'.

After doing our 'pet-puja' we took a stroll around the Circle. Clicked pictures and generally gazed at the crowd. That's the best part of being in a city...the people. We sometimes actually crave to see people. The Circle is a hang-out place for biker-bois and cool cars. You'll always find it lined with the most amazing bikes...from sports bikes to choppers. Also, young crowd with cool cars come here and just go round and round the circle showing off their cars. Once, me and V too had done that in his car :-)

Next we went to Broad Ripple Ave. This avenue is lined with dance clubs and pubs. We went to 'Vogue' which is the best dance club in town. Spent the rest of the night dancing and gazing at the dancers on the stage. Returned late in the night and went off to sleep.

Friday, April 15, 2005


We all know cigarettes damage the lungs.
But did you know it damages websites too?!
Just look what it did to my blog!
Click here

And take a look at this.
Some one doesnt like what Ricky writes... it seems!!! Click here

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Socha Na Tha

Saw Socha Na Tha....and sachi! Maine bhi socha na tha ki movie itni bakwaas hogi (pardon my hindi if its incorrect - still cant figure out if any darned thing is a male or a female). The movie was pathetic to say the least. As the movie continued, all my friends left and I was left all alone to complete it. The problem with me is that I cant leave any movie incomplete... however boring that might be.

Been keeping myself tired last couple of days since I finally joined the gym. Just 2 days of exercising and my legs are hurting so bad. However I am determined to stick on and keep on going... atleast till I fit back to my old clothes from India. Those were the days when 'small' was the right size and I want to get back to that.

The first day we joined the gym, me and V went for grocery shopping and found ourselves buying oatmeals and fruits and health bars :-). We were looking at the calorie count in each pack and deciding whether to buy that or not. I even had Veggie Delite salad in Subway. Felt pretty good about myself. But the next day I felt so hungry at lunch, I went and grabbed buffalo chicken wings at BW3 :-( Sigh!!!

Today is 3 of my friends birthday. One is in India and two here. So have been invited for a good dinner. See, when even your friends are not with you while dieting, what can one possibly do??

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Sin City

Saw Sin City this weekend....and its an awesome movie. The movie is based on the comic novels by the same name and you do feel like you are watching a comic book. Directed by Robert Rodriguez (of Desparado, Once upon a time in Mexico fame) and Frank Miller, who is actually the author of the novels. Quentin Terentino is a guest director, but you can easily feel his presence. No doubt it has its share of blood and gory...but then what else do u expect from Quentin's movies? Its basically three stories weaved into one movie and as in comic books, the stories are narrated by the main characters and I felt that made it more fun. Sin City is a blast. I loved everything about it, even body parts getting slashed at and blood spurted out everywhere. From beginning to end, its highly imaginative and stylized visuals are absolutely incredible. The movie is in Black and White with an occasional splash of a bright color, streaking red or yellow. Its a must see for all dies hard fans of Kill Bill and Pulp Fiction but those weak at heart...stay away!

Well, the only other interesting thing I did, was that I had gone to Chicago on Saturday. Of course, if you are a desi in Chicago, how can you not go to Devon Street??? Had yummy spicy chats followed by delicious dinner and ended with a juicy Kalkatta masala pan. Oh the joy of having pan...sadly it got over too soon. Enjoyed it coz I was having pan after a year - the last time incidently, being on my last trip to Chicago on Apr 2004.