Monday, May 23, 2005

More to the list

Movies I saw recently:

Kaal: The less I say about this, the better. If you still wanna know, read Nupur's view. If you still wanna watch it, may God help you :-). I still wonder what was the hype all about?

Main Aisa Hi Hoon: For a change, Ajay Devgan is not his normal serious eyes-half-closed guy. Doesnt mean you should rush to see the movie. The story is hotch-potch and draggy and the movie ends up being basically boring.

Waqt: Another one of those Bollywood flick with an overly dramatic story. Found it better than the above two movie though.

Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy: This is a funny entertaining movie. Liked it... though in between it tends to become a bit of a drag. Sometimes its fun to watch a movie with an entirely nonsensical plot. However I admit, I was a bit dissappointed, was expecting much more after hearing so much about the book and all. I probably liked this movie coz that day we had gone for the movie at the end of an extremely boring and dead saturday.

Thank You!!!!!!!!

Finally, the long pending "Thank You" post!
First and formost my most sincere thanks to the organizers of the 'surprise meet', Rhicha, Ricky and Kaush. Rhicha, thanks for coming up with the wonderful idea, Ricky and Kaush for putting in the effort to find out people who visit my blog and inviting them all, and Ricky for being the jolly host. It was really fun to see people trying to figure out who I really was. Or should I say who I 'virtually' was? For the uninitiated, I had logged on to the meet using my real name, and people were to guess which blogger am I. Saba was the 1st one to hit the bullseye and guess thats it was me, 'Colors' :-)

The meet was one of the most exciting thing that had ever happened in all of my birthdays. 'Meeting' old friends (c'mon I know you guys for quite some time are my 'old' friends) for the first time, and making new friends. Thank you everyone for taking out time and making my day so special. This was the most unique way I had ever celebrated my birthday and it was so much of fun!! I shall always remember this and cherish the memories forever. For all my friends who were unable to make it, I really missed you all. Wish you would have been there too.

And Ricky, no amount of 'thanks' can express how your gifts made me feel. Your B'day post with Sikkim pics was the best gift ever! It was a total surprise and yes, u managed to make me sentimental and now I am feeling more and more homesick :-P. The 'Ash on Oprah' video was awesome too.

Well, I am not too good at saying 'thanks' but I hope I atleast got the message through. You all have been great and I had the most wonderful time. Love you all.. *huggssss*

Monday, May 16, 2005

How did I spend the VBM weekend?

Didn't get a chance to tell you all about how my VBM weekend went. While many of you were busy and excited about the upcoming VBM, I had to give it a pass as me, V and two of our frens had planned to go to Minneapolis, MN. V's cousin had recently come from India with her family and he wanted to meet her, while the rest of us tagged along. Another friend also came along till Milwaukee, Wisconsin which is halfway.

We rented a Chevy Trailblazer which is a pretty neat SUV and perfect for four people. The back seats could be folded to make a flat space to lie down. We had started from Columbus a bit late at 10:00pm. After dropping our friend off at her hubby's place at Milwaukee, we folded the back seats and the two friends slept cosily at the back while V drove and I navigated and gave him company. The entire journey is about 11 hrs drive and it took us above 12 hrs in all including all the stops we made. As the 'other' navigator was feeling too sleepy, I ended up giving company to both the drivers most of the journey. so, I got to sleep only during the last 2 hrs of the journey which made me kinda tired the next day.

It was raining when we reached Minneapolis the next morning. We were welcomed with garma garam Chicken Biryani. Almost the entire day we were at home, resting and watching Zee TV which was quite boring as all they showed were serials. We weren't much interested in roaming around since we had already visited the city in 2003. In the evening we went to first the St Paul's downtown. St Pauls and Minneapolis are known as the twin cities. They are both close to each other and is the capital of Minnesota state. While St Pauls is an old downtown with old and beautiful buildings, Minneapolis is a new one with high-rises and the downtown lined with discs and pubs. After seeing the Cathedral and the Capitol building and clicking pictures at St Pauls, we moved on to Minneapolis downtown. We had dinner at Bombay Bistro which is supposed to be the best Indian restaurant there. The food was quite good but not as good as I had expected.

Since we had a child with us, we returned back home right after dinner. The 4 of us had planned to go to a club later, but we felt sleep to be a better choice. After reaching home, we saw a bit of Dhoom and slept off. The next day, after a scrumptious breakfast of poha and wat nots, we bid goodbyes to V's cousin and family. We then went to another frens home for a short visit. From there we went to the Mall of America.

The Mall of America is the biggest mall in US. They say it takes minimum 7 days to see the entire mall. Apart from the numerous shops of literally all the brands, the mall also holds a worlds largest underground aquarium and also an entire amusement park. The last time I was there, I had a chance to see just a small portion of the 1st floor. This time we wanted to see the aquarium, so by the time we came out of the aquarium, it was late, so once again couldn't see much of the mall.

The aquarium is beautiful. The underground tunnel, I felt, was much much better than the one they had in Sea World, Orlando. The sharks with their deadly teeth swimming right above your head gives you the chills right through the bone. One of the most beautiful sight was a tank filled with luminous jelly fishes. Wow...they looked so lovely with their bluish glow. Right besides that they had a small tank similar to the Finding Nemo tank including the fishes! We saw Nemo, Dory, Gill etc. They looked so cute! Apart from these, they had many other sea creatures and we got to see the most ugliest looking star-fish and oddest-looking species of turtles.

We had to pull ourselves away from the mall. It was already 4:30pm by the time we left Minneapolis. Me and V slept at the back and I fell asleep almost immediately. The entire journey, we took turns and this time around, we made it to Columbus in record 10 hrs.

Once again a nice successful trip in our books. I love road trips...and it has been only a week and I already feel like going somewhere else again. Why cant we have 4 day weekends every week?

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Finding Nemo

Recently I saw Finding Nemo...again. I cant seem to get over that movie...I simply love it. No matter how many times I have seen it, still, whenever they show it on TV, I stop surfing the channels right there, throw away the remote and get glued to it till its over. What do I like so much about it? Everything! Each and every thing about this movie so damn cute. I cant even decide who's my favourite character or what's my favourite scene....

Some of the characters I like:
Dory... she is definitely the funniest. Her way of talking and of course her short term memory loss problem makes me roll on the floor holding my tummy.
Squirt and Daddy Turtle...the kid turtle Squirt is so adorable. His kiddy voice and of course the way he says 'Dude!' to his dad.
Bruce and his gang of sharks..who r on fish abstinence "Fish are friends,notfood"

Here are some of my favourite scenes in the movie:
-Dory speaking whale
-Nemo getting 'initiated' into the fish tank
-The dumb seagulls shouting "Mine"
-Scene at the dentist when the stork enters the room
-The 'Omen' background music when the evil kid Darla enters the scene
-The way Daddy turtle introduces Marlin and Squirt ("Jellyman,Offspring...Offspring, Jellyman")
-One of the fishes in the tank who thinks her mirror image on the glass ofthe tank is her sibling...and how she searches for her when the tank is dirty and she can no longer see her reflection
-Squirt giving instructions to Marlin and Dory on how to exit the EAC...
-The squid in the tank -- ("Awww guys, you made me ink!")

Tell me about your favourite scenes and characters.

Monday, May 02, 2005

Wats up with the weather?

Is it really May? Its really hard to believe that it actually is already May with the weather acting like this!

The temperature outside right now is like 41 deg F (5 deg C) and tonight we have a freeze warning!! We are expecting the temparature to drop below 0 deg C ! Earlier in mid April when the weather had turned better, I had packed all my winter clothes. Since the last 10 days, the temperature has been going below average. As I work on my computer, my hands are cold coz I am managing with my light woollies :-(

I am tired of this weather...when o when will we have a warm/hot sunny days!