Sunday, December 26, 2004


Hiya Everyone....!!
Wish you all a belated Merry Christmas and a very Happy and Prosperous New Year. Hope you have a great time with your family and friends. May the year ahead mark a new begining to a wonderful life ahead!

I am feeling wonderful...great. Inspite of the heavy snowstorm, I drove down to Columbus. Actually on Thursday morning the weather was quite nice and sunny. Overnight Columbus had record breaking snowfall of about 2ft. And Indy had snow too but was supposed to become worse Thu night. So before it became worse, I fled out of Indy. Everywhere around was covered with white. The roads were quite dangerous and the traffic moving on at a slow speed. Thankfully the highway was cleared and I reached Columbus without any incident. But getting into the apartment complex was a pain. My car got stuck and I had to call V to help me out. The apartment complex looked amazing. So much snow all around. People were busy shovelling and clearing their cars. V's MR2 Spyder is so was totally covered up! Couldnt even see it!

Was happy to reach. As the evening came closer it started growing colder. We managed to make a cute snowman before heading inside. The temperature dropped till -21 deg centigrade by Friday night. It was bitterly cold....brrrrrrrr!

Got to see Shrek 2 finally. Its funny and cute. Yesterday saw Meet the Fockers....its hillarious!! Dont miss it guys! Saw Kal Ho Na Ho again....and enjoyed the Kantaben and G-U-J-J-U moments all over again.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004


I feel awfully lonely!
My sweetheart and all my friends are having a great time in Columbus playing in the snow and here I am all alone in this office with no work to do!
We have had snow storm warning for today and tomorrow with Columbus falling under the more severe region. They have had snowfall all through late night till afternoon and its been predicted that they'll be covered with 22" of snow. With this condition, everyone is "working from home".
Whereas here in Indy we are supposed to have max 6" of snowfall. So I cant even not come to work. And to top it all the weather people have strictly warned against traveling for the next 2 days.

So here I am! Tomorrow is my last day at work for the year (Yes! I have taken the whole of week off!)....and I cannot move out! I cannot go to Columbus and be with my dear. God knows for how long I will be stuck here all alone.... :((

Tuesday, December 21, 2004


Coming back to the blog world after quite a while. All these days have been keeping busy with lotsa stuff. Apart from work, did lotsa shopping, watched a couple of movies, played a video game, hung out with frens and got sick again.

On Friday, for a change my friends drove up to Indy. The reason being all of us were going to watch Swadesh at IMAX. Got food from a Pak take-away. They make amazing Chicken biryani...the best I have had in US. We all had food at my place and we drove down to downtown. The was a huge rush in the theatre and the movie started half n hr late. All my frens were enjoying the crowd, checking out cute girls. Since I was the only girl in the group, I couldnt enjoy as much since there was no one to share the comments(on guys) with :(Overall nice movie...enjoyed it. During the interval, they served Tea and Samosas in the cafe. Wow...just like in India. But, as luck would have it, by the time my turn came, the tea was over. My cold was getting more severe and I was really looking forward to a warm cuppa tea. They even had a lottery for 10 tickets to a New Yr Desi Bash..which of course I didnt win. Me always unlucky in such matters. After the movie we all drove down to Columbus. We went to a frens apartment for tea and after that I watched some TV and finally got to bed by 4am

The next day had to get up early at 1030am (i normally get up at 12 on saturdays) to go to Kohl's for the Early Bird Sale. It seems that since the last 3-4 weeks I have been shopping every weekend at Kolhs. Everytime I buy something, they give me some coupons which I have to use the next weekend. Cant help it! On Saturday too I did lotsa shopping. It was a 'purple' day for me coz every piece of clothing that I bought that day was some shade of purple. This has happened to me a lot....u know, like sometimes your eyes goes to just one shade of colour. You just dont seem to like anything else!Once my shopping spree got over (for the day) my cold seemed to remember me. Or did I remember my cold? Anyway...had a very stuffy nose and an awful headache. But things turned better once I slept for a while.

In the eve I saw 'The Incredibles'. Its an awesome movie...really cute and immensely enjoyable. I am now looking forward to see its Hindi version 'Hum hai Lajawab'. It should be fun to see it since it has Shah Rukh's voice.

On Sunday I woke up to realise it had snowed in the night. Brrr...the temperature was way low and had to pack myself up in layers just to go outside. Once again went shopping at JC Penny. Didnt find anything of my choice....had liked a purplish trouser, but couldnt find one of my size :(V bought something for himself and after buying some essential groceries from Walmart we drove back to Indy.

V had recently got me a video game. Its a PC game called 'The Longest Journey' which he had himself played a long time back. He likes it a lot and wanted me to try it out. I started the game (its an adventure game) on Thursday and I have been hooked on it since then. I know unless I finish the game, I wont be able to do anything else. I havent blogged, watched TV, nor have I cooked. Am surviving on readymade food right now. I am even writing this post from office since I know once I get back to my apartment I'll be again into it.

Well! Its time for me to go home now. Back to my game world. cyall soon!

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

White as snow

Here I was hoping to start the week with a bang...but instead was thrown down with a bump! The weekend went on fine...passed the time with frens...lazying away, shopping and watching movies. Saw Oceans Twelve and was very dissappointed. What a let down after Ocean's Eleven.

Come Sunday eve and I was all set to come back to Indy. The next day we were having our Christmas Pitch-In Lunch and Gift Exchange at work. Had already planned with a colleague to get pizzas and also bought a cute gift for the exchange. I was infact looking forward to Monday!! But fate had other plans for me. Imagine had to fall sick when I actually wanted to go to work!
Monday also marked the onset of serious winter weather. Columbus had its first snowfall of the winter. And I wasnt even able to enjoy it :(

I remember my very first snow fall last year. Yes, though I am from Sikkim, I had never actually experienced a snowfall. I had played on snow, made snowmen, had snow fights, but never felt the snow flakes fall on my face. Thats coz the it never snowed in the part of the town where I stayed. Sometimes early mornings there used to be snow fall in my school. And my school is just about 5 mins walking distance from my home! And it used to melt by the time I reached school in the morning. So have played on the snow only during the times when I had a trip to northern parts of Sikkim with frens or family.

So like I was saying, I remember how crazy me and my frens became when we came out of Burlington Coat Factory in Indy and realised it had snowed. There was not much accumulation, but we were too excited to notice. We started having a snow fight right there in the parking lot. Haha...the stares we received from people. They must have realised we were 'first timers'. Same thing happened when we returned back to Columbus. By then it had snowed a lot...and we went to the lawn and started playing again and clicking pictures. Recently I was talking to one of the neighbours and she was like..oh so you were those people! She still remembers looking out of her patio that night and seeing a bunch of people screaming and playing around. And the same thought had entered her mind...first timers!

Well..this time I am hoping that it wouldn't snow too much. I am a recent addition to the drivers' world. And am a bit apprenhensive about driving in the snow. Well...there's still a lot of winter left. Lets see what it holds for me!

Friday, December 10, 2004

I Love How You Love Me

This lovely oldie been running in my head since a long time.

I Love How You Love Me
Artist: Bobby Vinton

I love how your eyes close whenever you kiss me
And when I'm away from you I love how you miss me
I love the way you always treat me tenderly
But, darling, most of all I love how you love me (love how you love me)

I love how your heart beats whenever I hold you
I love how you think of me without being told to
I love the way your touch is always heavenly
But, darling, most of all I love how you love me (love how you love me)

I love how your eyes close whenever you kiss me
And when I'm away from you I love how you miss me
I love the way your touch is always heavenly
But, darling, most of all I love how you love me (love how you love me)

I love how you hug me (love how you hug me)
I love how you squeeze me, tease me, please me
Love---how you love me
I love how you love me

Thursday, December 09, 2004


I am currently going through this lazy phase. Lazy and calm just like the bright blue sky and the clear blue sea on a clear sunny day. Tufts of white clouds flowing by...flocks of seagulls sunbathing perched on the rocks by the sea. All that I have been doing these last few days is passing time...watching lotsa movies on TV... reading blogs.... even managed to complete Deepak's epic story. I want this week to end so that I can freshen up over the weekend and hopefully bounce back to life next week!

On yes, by the way, spent a heavenly time with my sweetheart. I even bunked work for a day just so that I can be with him more. But come Wednesday and I was almost back to being my lonely self. Loneliness sucks! I feel telephones are the greatest invention ever. And cell phones the next greatest invention. :) Had it not been for these lovely instruments...I would have been totally lost...gone insane! Maybe the fact that V is but a few miles away and yet we cannot be together is making me more blue than when he was in India. His trip to India was the first time we got separated since we started being 'together'. The distance has brought us even more closer.. and made us realise all the more the importance of us in each others lives.

Monday, December 06, 2004


This time its a different type of red...the red that reminds you of love and romance, hearts and the flutters. After 3 long sweetheart is coming back today. And here I have to be in this darn office! Just waiting for the day to end so that I can rush to Columbus and meet him.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Red and White with a lil bit of Green

Christmas is here....You can feel the Christmas spirit all over the place....just like they say in the 'No. 1' song in the movie Love Actually.

My previous company showed a great way to get into the Christmas spirit of sharing. It was somewhat around this time last year. Our business unit did something called as Secret Santa. What happens is..whoever wants to participate submit their name along with their interests/likings. The organizers then make chits out of the names and you have to pick up one chit. The person whose name u pick will be your 'kid' and you are his/her Secret Santa. That's when the fun begins. For the next 2 weeks...u keep giving gifts to your kid secretly.....either leave at his/her desk when he/she is not around....or better still make someone ur 'elf' and send the gifts through your elf. The child in the mean while tries to guess who his/her Santa is. The Santa can leave clues n hints to help the kid. And then just before the vacation the Santa has to reveal himself in case the kid has not yet guessed.

It so happened that when I picked my chit, it was the next cutest guy in my workplace (the 1st cutest one being my darling V). His name is Tony. So for the next 2 weeks I kept gifts and chocolates at his desk. I made my friend Sachin (also a good friend of Tony) my elf and conspired with him on how to make Tony keep guessing. I even made a yahoo id and started chatting with him. He was clueless as to who is his Santa. What a laugh we used to have! As time went by lots of Santas go revealed and their names were put up alongside the kids name. As time went by, Tony's option reduced. On his last day of work, he had come down to 3 names...mine and 2 more. Finally he couldnt figure out any more (I was chatting with him all this time). He then visited those 2 people and finally realized that his Santa was me! Was I feeling good at outsmarting him :)

All this time, something else was also going on....even I had a Secret Santa right? What happened was initially I didn't get any gifts at all....nothing. I was so disappointed! Everyone was getting something or the other...and me got nothing. Then I started complaining...quite loudly infact...that I got a 'kanjoos' for a Santa...and all that. Then next day onwards I started getting gifts :) My technique worked! Guess what did I get.... cookies and chips from Walmart...bottle of coke..and such. Cant say I was happy about my gifts! They used to get over the moment I opened the pack! Again my complaining started....I was sure my Santa is a desi. Normally Americans don't gift eatables...even if they do, it'd be a box of chocolate, home made pie... or such. Next day I got this cute Xmas tree which glows when you switch it on. It wasn't something to eat! My technique worked again! I started making my guesses...had come down to 2 names...guys whom I knew didn't like me.

Then a few days before the holidays I got n email from my Santa. I got a chance to thank him for the gifts..the eatables turned out to be a 'life saver'. B'coz during those times I used to be extremely busy and didn't get time to go for lunch. Before the last day, he (I assumed it had to be a guy...the choice if gift reflected so) asked me what do I wanted as ur last of course replied in a pat....a huge teddy bear...the bigger the better :-). I was thinking of adding "PS-> just kidding" but thought let it if he is gonna actually gimme one. The next day I was busy on phone talkin to a client...when this guy.came with a huge bag. I was so shocked...and I couldn't talk to him as I was on the phone. He kept it besides my table and left ....and I just able to mouth 'thanks'. Later I opened the bag and saw the was a huge bunny!! I felt so ashamed of myself....gosh! How could I have done that? True to my guess, my Santa was a desi...his name Bhagat Singh (I came to know his name much later...that time I didn't know who he was or where he sits). So I went around looking for him...and thanked him....didn't know what to say.

V was like....tu bhi na....kinds. You know all my frens made so much fun of me and they still call the bunny as 'Bhagat Singh'