Friday, February 25, 2005

I saved someone's life today

He laughed happily and said "You are a life saver!"

Yes, apparantly I saved his life. Now, dont get me wrong. I didnt do any act of bravery like pull him out of the way of a speeding truck or lend him a huge amount of money (not that I have such kinda money) so that that he can afford a costly medical treatment. No, my life goes much simpler than that. I got an email in the morning from a user saying that he cannot see a button in a particular application. He even sent me the help document of the application to let me know the where button should be. I checked everything in the application, his access and everything. All seemed fine.
I called him and asked him to walk-through, whatever he is doing, with me over the phone. He was doing exactly what he was supposed to do...except for one small thing. He was looking for the button in the wrong place! That was when he had made that particular comment. Only question I have is....whatever was he doing with the help documentation???!

Well...anyway, its almost the end of the week...or rather the begining of the weekend :-)
This weekend's gonna be busy for me and my 'strong' friends. I am moving to another apartment. So will be busy packing, shifting, unpacking and most of all cleaning.
Cleaning is a big headache, coz the apartment people charge astounding amount as fine if they find anything e.g. if the bathroom mirror has a spec of water stain on it.
As for shifting, I am not worried about it as all my friends will be there. So, I wouldnt have to lift a thing :-). Thats the charm of being the only girl in the group ;-)
One of my friend is coming back from India tomorrow. I remember, when I had first got my couches, he and V had struggled a LOT to get them up into my apartment. And his luck (good/bad) that he is arriving just a day before I am moving. Right in time to help me..(khi khi khi). Well, we dont call him 'Macho Man' for nothing!

Hope you all have a great weekend.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

One boring weekend

For the past few days I have been busy doing basically nothing. Feeling lethargic both at work and home. Me and V have been doing up-down Indy-Columbus for the last week. Infact, me goin back again tonight :-) So generally have not been able to spend time to write. Have been just blog hopping. Following I finally managed to write from work ;-)

On Friday as soon as the weekend started, I shot off to Columbus. Inspite of the weekend traffic, the speed was quite good. The speed limit is 65mph but the avg speed of the cars is around 75mph. I too was cruising at 75-80mph. Its funny u know when all these cars in the leftmost 2 lanes are going on in high speed and suddenly everyone slows down as soon as they sight a cop or a sheriff. We often joke on how people become 'shareef' when they see a 'sheriff'. I know I is a PJ :D

In the eve we all went to Johny Carinos for dinner. Its an Italian place and the only place (yet) where I can eat Italian. Normally I don't prefer Italian due to its over cheesy taste. Me and V shared a tasty Spicy Talapia. Earlier that eve V had gone to a car dealer with a friend and had to bear the dealer's blabbering for almost an hour. Maybe the dealer realized he is torturing the poor guys so he offered them coupons for free desert at Johny Carinos :). So we were able to enjoy yummy Tiramisu.

Late in the night we saw 'Page 3'. Liked the movie though found it a bit depressing. Konkana Sen has done a good job.
Saturday afternoon I woke up with a strong headache. It was so bad I had to skip my ice skating class. After a late lunch I lied down to rest but fell asleep. Even V had slept off. Got up late in the eve. V's co. had a everyone except me and V were attending. V didn't go coz I wasn't going. My headache was still bad and I had to take another pill. We went for grocery shopping planning to watch 'Constantine' after that. But while shopping we changed our plans and decided to make Shrimp Masala for dinner.

By the time our dinner was ready, everyone had returned from the party. We then sat down and watched 'Haasil'. Found it to be quite nice. The movie got over by 230am. Few of us decided to continue and we then saw 'Raincoat' next. We were actually thinking of watching 'Veer Zara' or 'Bride and Prejudice', but the prints of both were bad. Raincoat too was a good movie. so all in all we saw 3 Hindi movies in a row without any bad experience. After the movie got over, the rest of the friends left and me and V watched 'The Johnson's Family Reunion' on HBO. Finally slept off at 6 in the morning.

Sunday was cold and wet. Got up late and after lunch we went to a friends place. Generally did TP, saw 'Carrie'. Made onion bhaji and potato pakodas and had with garma garam chai. Nice! The day just passed by and the weekend flew by with us stuck indoors.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Fo all you beotches who wanna find shiznit

Hey all you googlers..check this out!
Its a search engine that searches and translates all results to Snoop Doggy Dogg language. Check out what it did to my page!!!

My site's been gizooogled!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Its getting hot in here

Either I have misjudged my capability of intaking hot food or it has actually gone down. I realized it today when I went to Buffalo Wild Wings (BW3) for lunch. I have always taken the pride of being an Indian and thus eat spicy food with relish.

Well, before going further, let me first give you a lil background. BW3 is a neat eating place where you get yummy chicken wings. Their specialty lies in the no. of sauces they offer that varies in 'hotness' from mild to blazin.

The last time I was there, I ordered the wings with 'Wild' sauce. After a bite I realized the mistake I made in ordering it...specially during lunch time. I barely managed to have a few. So this time, remembering my previous experience (I truly followed the age-old saying "learn from your mistakes") I ordered the wings with a milder 'Hot' sauce. But oh! I couldn't eat them was soooo teekha! Yikes! My mouth was burning and my face became all red and hot and I was glowing (girls don't sweat...they glow!)

I have noticed that Indians who have been living here for a long time...used to eat spicy food but now tend to find Indian food spicy...though the same might taste bland for an FOB desi (Kaush/Ricky *wink*). Infact, Me and V too have been experiencing this lately.
Like yesterday at the Chinese place, we selected the spiciest food in their menu and as usual asked the waiter to make them 'extra spicy'. When the food arrived, we could eat that only after mixing it with plain rice.

Has my taste buds too been mellowed down by the constant bland American food we eat? Is my Indianness reducing!!Thats an alarming thought! I loveee spicy food and wont be able to bear the fact that I might not be able to enjoy them!

Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Dear All,

Thank you so much for the comments in my previous post. Will reply to them soon.
Logged in just to wish you all a

V e R y__h A p p Y__a N D__C o L o u R F u L
V a l E N T i n E ' S__d A Y__! ! !

May the day be filled with loads and loads of love!


Thursday, February 10, 2005

Colors of Love

I am sad, I am gloomy, I am bored, depressed and very very lonely.I hate this... I hate my daily routine, my job, my loneliness and I hate cribbing like this. I miss everyone so terribly. I miss being with V each and every day, miss going to work with him, miss working with him and miss doing daily chores with him.

I know, I know. I shouldn't complain. I know I am v lucky to be atleast close enough to him, that I can meet him every weekend and also atleast once during the week. I know I am lucky to have spent a blissful 1.5yrs together..all the time. It could have been worse.

And to add to it I miss my parents, my home. I miss being with them specially when the entire family is together. Its been 7 long years since I left Sikkim. In these 7 yrs, I have had short visits home twice a yr during college vacations. We used to have 7-10 days vacations and it used to take me 4 days to reach home. So, the time spent at home was never enough. Once I started working, it became a bit better as I could atleast reach faster by flight -2 days- but it was never good enough. Its been 7 yrs since I celebrated Dasain (i.e. Dushera). Its our biggest festival and I have almost forgotten what all we do during the festival. I am so out of touch. Not to mention the several small festivals all yr through.

I miss my brother. We used to fight a lot as kids, with me always winning by ending up crying and him getting scolded...but once he moved out after his 12th, we started becoming friendly and close. We have hardly spent our adult life together. Before he used to be away from home and now I am.

I long to be home...long to feel its warmth and comfort. Its been more than 2 yrs since I last went home and 21 months since I met my parents. I miss them so much. I miss going for shopping with Mom, watching movies and TV, discussing about aunts and relatives :). We were so like friends. And I miss my Dad telling me his latest 'idea' for his new book or for the shop or for this and that. He always seem to be coming up with something bright and new. Of course, we do talk about all this on phone, but that doesnt feel the same. Festivals are specially a torture. I try not to think and enjoy with friends and V. But I believe festivals are meant to be celebrated with family. When they send me pictures, I see everyone there except me. Sigh! I would have gone home this yr for a visit...but then I thought it'd be better if I get my parents here instead for a trip. So now I am waiting for everything to settle down and them to come here soon. God only knows when that's gonna happen.

All my life I have never been alone. I have always been surrounded by my family and friends. Life in Pune was quite good as my friends were always with me. Even in Columbus I didnt feel bad coz V was with me. Its been 6 months since I started living alone...and I am still trying hard to get used to it. And everyday I realize its not working at all.

The only +ve side I can see is V. Just coz I can meet him and talk to him, if not in person then atleast thru phone, it makes me feel better. Had it not been for him, I would have gone back long ago. I can manage to live through 5 days of loneliness in return for 2 days with him. He is so cute..he tries his best to make me feel happy. I am so lucky to have him. This song reflects my feelings so well. Oh I love him sooooo much!

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

How my weekend went

Like any other time, this time too I was longing for the weekend pretty badly. Looks like hardly does the week start and I wish it was weekend again. I seem to be living life, one weekend at a time :)

Saturday was beautiful. The weather was warm and lovely...almost like spring time. After ice skating, me and V cruised around with his car's top down. It felt so good. Wish such days would come sooner and more often. In the eve we along with a couple of friends went to Bloomington. The Indiana Univ resides in this town and its a nice small town with all the charms of a college town. We like to go there just to see people. Columbus is so dead as you cannot see a soul on the streets.
Well, on the way to Bloomington, my eyes fell on an Orange VW Beetle at a car dealer. Now, ever since I have seen the Bug, I have wanted to own one. I know for sure that'd be the next car I own. So, we stopped to have a look and I fell in love with it! It was a customized car with black&orange leather seats and orange wheel covers. It looked so cute! Unfortunately, the car was someone else's and not for sale. Not that I would have afforded it anyway :( The dealer showed us another 2005 orange Beetle. This has set my mind at I know that that's the color I want. I just hope I can buy one. Since I recently had to spend quite a bit tweaking my Mazda, I had to postpone my plan to buy a car.

In the eve, we had yummy Afgani food at a restaurant called Shamira. Its one of my fav restaurants in the town. If anyone happens to go there, do try the hen kababs there. Nothing like our desi kababs..but still delicious.

After returning we went straight to Walmart. A friend of ours had recently subscribed to and he and his wife wanted to watch the movies on TV rather than on the laptop screen. So, the 4 of us spent 2 hrs looking at the various cables and converters to see what fits his TV and budget the most. At his home, we spent another 2 hrs hooking it up. Everything seems to working just half...we could see the screen on the TV and even see the media player, but the video was blank. After lots of googling we realized that his laptop would require a driver. It was already 1.30am and we couldn't try on other machine as the login works only on one machine as they register the IP address. So, the 4 of us ended watching 'Rog' very uncomfortably on the small screen. After an hour of discomfort, I decided to give up and head home.

Sunday too dawned quite warm but gloomy. Our joy regarding the weather was short lived. And now its raining since 2 days giving rise to more potholes. Ughh! Sunday was quite uneventful except that I went shopping again to Kohls. Thats a bad way to entertain oneself when there's nothing else to do. You end up with a hole in your pocket.

Friday, February 04, 2005

Its the circle...the circle of life

Another few more hours being stuck in this crappy cubicle of mine...and then I'll be a free bird!!!......for 2 days....and then I'll be back stuck in this crappy cubicle of mine...