Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Few of you might be wondering, but my life has NOT been hectic. Its just that I am not getting a chance to blog and fool around. However, certains things HAS been happening which I would like to share with you all.

V got a new job in a new city. He has now moved to Pittsburgh, PA. So no more trips to Indiana for me. I'll miss the small town Columbus. It had become a home for me in the US. Every time I went back there, I used to have the nice warm feeling that you get when you return home after a long vacation. I will miss that.

So, my next trip will be to Pittsburgh. V's got an appt with a fireplace and I cant wait to warm my feet there. Since V had to give up his official laptop, I gave mine to him. He was in a new place all alone, he needs it more than I. So I made this huge sacrifice. Hence, dear friends, I was unable to blog for so long. Blogging from office was out of question (though I m posting this post from work :D). Plus at home I wasn't comfortable using my landlady's computer.

The next big tragedy that completely cut me off from the rest of the world was that I left my cell phone in Columbus. The weekend of 3rd Nov I was in Columbus since it was a long weekend for me (Eid). It was a good time to go since I could attend the Diwali celbrations there and also it was V's last day in the old co. Gradually my contact with my very first co. is diminishing. I still have a few of my old friends working there, but I am sure it wont be long before they too find somewhere else to go.
That Sunday an ex-manager of ours took me and V out for dinner to a fondue restaurant, The Melting Pot, in Indianapolis. This was my first ever experience in fondue and I loved it. The food was awesome, but mostly it was the 'cooking' part that was fun! The chocolate fondue that we had for dessert was too good. Yummmmm...... I was so intoxicated by the yummy chocolate that I forgot my cell phone there. Realised it only when the affect started to wear off as we approached Columbus which is a good 1 hr away. I had no option but to return to New York the next morning with no cell phone.

The absence of my laptop and more importantly my cell phone left me feeling almost handicapped. Thank God my landlady has an unlimited long distance calls phone plan, so I could call V whenever I wanted. Else I would have gone mad! Now half the ordeal is over since I received my phone yesterday. The nice people at the restaurant sent it to me without charging a cent!

The next big news is that I am going to India!!! Yes!!!! After a long 2 years, 7 months and 20 days I would be meeting my parents! I am sooo excited. My tickets are already booked. Shall be leaving on the 25th Dec and will be gone for a good long 5 weeks. Since the day my plan got fixed, I have been day dreaming about my trip. Have been shopping like crazy and I just cant wait for these days to pass :-)

Well, thats all for now. Thanks everyone for your messages. I know I have been terrible in responding but I will try to blog more often from work ;-)