Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My First Vishu - again!

Well, I can consider this year's Vishu as my first (again) because this was officially the first Vishu of our wedded life. I had written about this festival a couple of years ago, when I had set up the Vishu kani as a surprise for V.

Below is a picture of our kani for this year. This time it is a little bit more authentic due to the more bounteous presence of yellow color and of course the Vilakku lamp. Hopefully the next time will will have an idol of Guruvayoor Krishna to make it more complete.

On the new year day, I woke up early in the morning when I felt V's hand over my eyes. I remembered  it was Vishu, and he guided me downstairs towards the kani. I opened my eyes and V prompted me to look at each and every thing that symbolizes prosperity. It felt lovely! He then gave me some token money known as Vishu Kaineettam which is given by elders to youngsters during this day.

Though a little bit late, I wish you all a very Happy Vishu, Naya Barsha, Vaishakhi, Puthandu, Nabo Borsho and Bihu.