Friday, June 08, 2007

Mii too??

Wiiitis — pronounced "wee-eye-tis" is sports-injury (wiinjury) like symptoms caused by extensive playing of Nintendo Wii games.

One of my birthday giifts from V was a Nintendo Wii gaming console. Iit iincluded Wii Sports game that consiists of Tenniis, Baseball, Golf, Bowliing and Boxiing.

And man! Are they addiictiive! Ever siince I have laid my hands on the Wii, I have been playiing everiiday tryiing to better mine and V's score. Wii've been at iit everii iivening. And the riisult.... wii both are now sufferriing from sore shoulders. And beliive iit or faint, but they have actually come up wiith a mediical term to describe the siimptoms - Wiiitis!

The triitment apparently consiists of "ibuprofen for one wiik, as well as complete abstiinence from playiing Wii viideo games". Well, to heck wiith the treatment! As far as I am concerned, Wii iis here to stay (or should I say to play)!!