Sunday, May 13, 2007


Yesterday I saw the movie Provoked. Found the movie pretty good. But more than the movie and the story, something else caught my attention and kept me entertained throughout.

We had the English subtitles on, and that was the best thing we did. If you have seen the movie, you'd know that its based in UK and the movie's mostly in English, that too with UK accent, which many will admit is not one of the easily understood accent. And whoever wrote the subtitles seem to prove it. During the entire length of the movie, he ended up misquoting most of the dialogs. Like in one scene Aishwarya says "I don't like bullies" and the subtitles show "I don't like police". I guess "police" and "bullies" sound similar enough for this blunder to be excused. But check this out. In one scene, Aishwarya's cell mate says "So you were raped" and the subtitles show "Can I hug you?" I mean, how in the world can these two sentences be mistaken with each other??

Those are just two of the many blunders made. Apart from misquoting the dialogs, there were other mistakes too. Throughout the movie, the word "provocation" was spelt as "provokation" with a "k". And most of the time, the subtitle-writer seem to be at loss, so when he couldn't figure out what the Brit actors were saying, he simply didn't provide any subtitles. Blank! And sometimes, he seemed too lazy to type the whole thing, so he just typed the gist of the dialog spoken, instead of typing them word to word. The only time he managed to quote the dialogs without any mistake or without missing any word were when Aishwarya or her mother-in-law spoke in broken English.

I don't understand. When a director/producer make a movie, do they consider their job done once the movie's made? Whose responsibility is it to look after the post production tasks? Such silly mistakes bring a negative impact on the movie. For someone who is depending on the subtitles to understand the movie, they'd be at loss and confused as to whats happening.

Well, what the heck! Who cares? I had a fun time and thoroughly enjoyed the movie. That's what a movie's supposed to do, isn't it? Entertain?! :)

Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Yep, its been a while and here I am. Stuff's been happening that kept me away from blogging.

First thing first, V is on a three week trip to India to meet his family. Our parents have talked to each other. It went pretty well so we are glad that atleast things are moving.

V's last day here was a complete chaos. His flight was on 21st from Philly at 7 in the morning. The day before was his last day at his job, last day at his apartment and last day in Stamford. Though we had moved most of the stuff already, he still had to lot of packing and cleaning up to do in his apartment. He finally left Stamford at around 11.30 in the night with my Murano filled to the last niche. As luck would have it, he was stuck in the New York traffic for a good 2 hours. He finally reached at around 3am. After a hurried dinner, we packed his suitcases for his trip. It was soon time to drop him at the airport. My poor V didnt sleep a wink nor did he have even a minute of rest.

After his departure it was time for me and my friend SR to start packing since we were moving to a new apartment, a town house the next weekend. We had been packing most of the week that followed and we moved all our stuff last weekend. We started on Friday eve and finished moving everything late Sunday night. I can't believe we had so much of stuff collected. We did numerous trips on our SUVs fully loaded. On top of that we even had to hire a truck and moving help to move our big stuff. By Sunday night each and every muscle in my body was crying murder. I was just glad to lie down on my bed when the alarm rang and it was time to get ready for work.

Since Monday we've been arranging our new home. Kitchen is done - I've never seen so much of masala in one house. I am sure, if you name any dish, we'll have the masalas to make that dish, from Indian to Chinese to American to Mexican. Now the living room and the bedrooms are left. Boxes are strewn all around...every thing is a big mess. Hopefully we should get done by the end of this week.

Now that the initial excitement of moving to a new place is over, I am just waiting for V's return. 13 more days to go.