Sunday, July 24, 2005

Colors of my life - now

So friends, its been a while since I updated my blog. Life has been moving in the fast lane leaving me with just enough time in the evening to come home, relax a bit and go off to sleep. Though hectic, I am still having a good time. Being new in the city, I do feel lonely and miss V a lot. One good thing is that I have known the family I stay with and they are nice and friendly and my time passes by much better than it would have had I been all alone.

I am now quite used to the routine of my commute. I take the bus to NYC in the morning, walk till the subway, ride in the subway and finally walk till my office. This routine takes me almost 2 hrs. I trace my steps back on the retun trip. So 4 hrs in all and by the time I reach back home it would be 12 hrs since I left it in the morning. I catch up with my sleep during the morning trip. In the evening, initially I had just sat in the bus and observed the people surrounding me. Every time I used to find something interesting to put up in the blog but never got a chance to 'pen' them down. So, now I have started reading. I am now enjoying 'Life of Pi'.

I have now come to recognise quite a few of the 'regulars' in my bus. The desi uncle whom I had met when I went for my interview and he had given me some valuable information and tips on the bus route and how to get around the city. His stop is the same as mine and he never fails to exchange and few words and give me some advice or the other :-). And there are others like the chinki girl who always wears a skirt and balances her sunglasses on her head like a hairband, the desi girl with loud voice when she speaks on the phone, the black woman with loud lipstick color and strong perfume, the white girl with yellow purse, the desi guy who carries a huge knapsack, the black woman with thin short hair who uses gel which makes her look almost bald - but it looks good on her... and there are many more. Almost the same people take the return bus as I do. We are almost like a family...except that no one speaks to each other :-P

I also get a chance to observe people when I work my way to and from the subway platform. The corridors are always spotted with some musicians here and there. Some of them are really good while some are...well, bad! There's this guy who plays the keyboard quite nicely ..he plays the same tune every day and I noticed he checks out all the girls passing by. Then there's this short man who plays the accordian and he does a good job too. These two are the regular ones I see. Then I have seen this poor old woman who just stands close to the wall and 'plays' the harmonica. No tune comes out of it she just blows in and out of the instrument at the same place. The other day a woman was singing this 'heart wrenching' version of Whitney Houston's 'I will always love you'. People come up with all kinds of ideas to pull the crowd. Its either the entire family band playing and singing, or someone street dancing or such. On Friday I saw this guy playing the keyboard...and to make it look more interesting he had got 4-5 dolls playing different musical intruments and moving their hips in a mechanical motion. That was his band.

Workwise things are going great! They have enough work for me to keep occupied for the 8 hrs and not too much to make me sweat it out. In my last job I had hardly enough work so I used to get bored. Thats one of the reason I was able to update my blog so regularly :-).

I will try to post more regularly henceforth. If I am in the blogsville, I normally update myself by reading your posts. If you dont happen to see my comment, please dont mind. Its not that I wasnt there, its just that I couldnt comment or that I will come visiting soon!

Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Hey Nupur...aap ke demand par...I did dig up my archives and found some Times Square pics. These were taken during the Thanksgiving weekend of 2003. The pictures are not great but were the only 'ok to be published' ones I could find. Will try getting better ones soon.

Friday, July 08, 2005

Trying out new Colors!

Hey Guys...before I put up my long weekend trip post, I have to let all of you in this good news!
I got a job at this awesome place today!! Yippeee!! The job is located in the heart of New York City! (Princess, are you listening?). Currently I am staying in New Jersey, so that means a minimum 1.5hrs commute one way everyday. But who's complaining when I am just a few blocks away from Times Square?!

All this happened pretty suddenly. On Wednesday afternoon, I got this call for this position. They wanted someone immediately..and the interview was scheduled for today 10:00am. So had to rush rush and book a flight ticket for Thursday. The flight was it always happen when I travel to-from Newark airport, this time too the flight got delayed. Going for the interview today was quite an adventure for me, knowing so very little about the city.

Sigh...I am so excited about this, but missing V soooo much!
All these changes has made me miss Paheli :-(. I had booked 19 tickets for the show today..and now all my friends are going, except me!